birthday letter to my better half

Dear abim sayang,

Today we get to celebrate a quarter century of life for the most wonderful person I know: you. Of course, I’ll do everything I can to celebrate you in a million little ways. (And you know that surprise-lovin’ me has several tricks up my sleeve.) But you know what makes me happy? That every day is a day worth celebrating with you. That you aren’t the showy, I expect everyone to celebrate me kind of guy. That you’re humble and kind and a million other things that all roll up into the awesome guy Allah created you to be. And that today, I’m writing for you.


Today I’ll give you gifts, because you know that’s one way I show love. But the truth is, these gifts could never compare to the gift you’ve already given me: a life with you. The memories we’ve made together and the memories that are to come. The joy of road trips, sleepovers every night, unexpected dashes through downtown cities,, Super Sunday Football Match and Running Man watch parties, and just the opportunity to walk side by side through all our adventures. I couldn’t have chosen a better person to share life with, and I am so blessed that Allah chose you to be mine. Trust me, you’re a gift that my parents, and grandparents, and myself prayed for and prayed for, for basically all my life and all of yours. You’re the best gift I’ve ever been given.


Today I am thankful for your parents. For your sweet mother who carried you, your father who raised you to be a man, and your loving grandmother who poured (and continues to pour) so much of her heart into you and into us. I’m thankful for those who have raised you and for those who came before that I never even knew.

Today I am thankful to be your wife. I’m thankful that you chose me, and that you continue to choose me daily, despite my imperfections and annoying habits. Thank you for loving me no matter how many times I wake you up to accompanying me to the bathroom at night or get cranky with you about laundry hahaha. Thank you for giving me the most beautiful picture of Allah-like love in the way you pursued me patiently and never gave up on me. And you never will give up.


Thank you for putting up with me when I’m cranky and tired. Thank you for knowing when I need to take a break. Thank you for kissing me goodnight and good morning every day, even when I’m fast asleep. Thank you for always being game for something new, no matter how silly it seems. Thank you for acting like a huge nerd with me and being my best friend. Thank you for motivating me when I want to desperately give up. Thank you for encouraging me to be me.

I can’t wait to see all that Allah has in store for the next twenty five years, and for the next twenty five after that. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings, or the day after that, or the next day, because they’ll never be boring with you.

And you know what I really can’t wait for? I can’t wait to see what an amazing Daddy you’ll be someday. I can’t wait to see you love our future kiddos with the most wonderful, sincere, genuine, and passionate love- because that’s the kind of love you give to everyone you meet. I can’t believe that someday I’ll get to look down at a sweet newborn baby in my arms and know that Allah allowed the two of us to bring a new life into the world, a life that contains a little bit of you and me. I can’t wait for the days when my heart melts as I watch you crawl around with the kids on the floor or tuck them in. I just know that you will be the most incredible father.

I love your heart for Allah, the way you love others, and the way you pour all that you have into all that you do. I love the way you point me back towards Allah, challenge me, and comfort me all at the same time. I love your smile, your eyes, and hearing your voice when I wake up and when I go to sleep. When you talk, it makes my heart melt, and for a moment, nothing else matters. I love that I can be real with you, and you can totally be yourself with me (and we are both in fact super weird and total goofballs anyway haha). I love that you’ll wipe my tears, make me laugh, and make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Because I am. You love me far better than I deserve to be loved. Thank you for always finding a way to make me smile.


So let’s make the most of each moment today and everyday. Let’s not regret a single second. Let’s make these next twenty five years even better than the last, and let’s continue to walk the path the Lord has set out for us- hand in hand, laughing all the way. I’m excited for our adventures together, and I wouldn’t want to be going through this crazy life with anyone else. Happy birthday, love. May your day be just as amazing as you are.




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