thank you my friend

Sometimes you meet incredible people and they are so much to you and you are so much to them; and it can be so sincere, beautiful but……temporary. But that doesn’t mean it was never real, it was never a truth. It just means they came in to your life for a purpose and maybe you don’t know what that purpose is but I’m sure it’s something along the lines of:

Everything, everyone and all moments, as beautiful as they can be, are temporary.

BTW, how’s ur life, my friend? I kinda miss you. By you, I mean our friendship. I hope everything is going well. May Allah always guide you to the right path. I know everything is different now, but you’ll always be my bestfriend, and nothing can change that. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and thank you for all the lessons that you gave me. From you, from what happens between us, i learn to live my life without expectation; live in the moment and appreciate it all as it is. Thank you so much.


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