It’s almost pathetic how we give others so much control over our emotions. To let them move in and set up a home in our hearts, constantly destructing us from the inside out. Letting them rent a space in our mind so that they constantly occupy it, breaking us down. Slowly.

It’s not to say that you’re weak, but you’re on the verge of absolute self destruction. You’ve given them the control that you should have over your life. You’ve given them the power to hurt you and ruin you. You gave them that right. So to blame them for the right you gave them is madness in and of itself.

Take control over your life and over your emotions and don’t give anyone the right to make you feel anything other than what you want to feel. Kick them out of the home they set up in your heart and let your heart feel peace. Kick them out of the space they rented in their mind and let your mind know calmness.

Be at ease, be at peace, and let the only one to occupy your heart and mind, be Him.


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