None was more distinguished than him

Nowadays many of the youth are dreaming of living a rich kids life, having model looks and being intelligent as well.

Now, i wanna share this story with you, dear readers. There was a young man like this and his name was Mus’ab ibn Umair. He was born and brought up in wealth, grew up with its luxuries, pampered by his parents, the talk of the ladies of Makkah, the jewel of its clubs and assemblies.

When Mus’ab ibn Umair accepted Islam and his mother found out, she was infuriated! She did everything in her power to make him leave Islam and when everything failed she threw him out of the house and withheld from him all the luxury he had been overwhelmed by.

He went from luxury to poverty, and the young man who once everyone looked up to was now so poor that when people saw him they lowered their heads and shed some tears because they saw him wearing worn out garments.

They were accustomed to his former appearance before he had become a Muslim, when his clothes had been like garden flowers, elegant and fragrant. There was no youth in Makkah more petted by his parents than he, and he abandoned all that for the love of Allah and His Prophet!

He became satisfied with a hard life he had never seen before, wearing the roughest clothes, eating one day and going hungry another. This spirit, which was grounded in the strongest faith, adorned with the light of Allah, made him another man, one who appeals to the eyes of other great souls.

During the battle of Uhud this same Mus’ab ibn Umair died on the battlefield defending the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him).

When he was martyred, he did not leave behind anything except a sheet of shredded woollen cloth. If the companions covered his feet with it, his head was uncovered, and if they covered his feet with it, his head was uncovered. The Prophet then said to the companions, “Cover his head with it and put lemon grass over his feet.”

Mus’ab ibn Umair was a precious jewel in Makkah, and none was more distinguished than him in his days before Islam, but his life ended bare-headed in a garment with no other possessions.

The next time you are jealous of someone or chasing this world for trivial things then think of Mus’ab ibn Umair and the great sacrifices he made for this deen.


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