a perfect relationship

We’re too quick to seek the perfect relationship. One that consists of them texting you in the middle of the night or randomly sending you flowers or staring at your beauty. We’re too quick to want the cute little fights that bring each other closer and yada yada yada.

A marital relationship is half your deen for a reason. It takes a LOT to be half of your deen. It takes a lot for two people to be together, always. You will have kids, there will be bills to pay, there will be fights and arguments and perhaps yelling. There will be times where you have to order food because the wife is too tired to cook. There will be times where you sleep alone because the husband is away at work. Just know that. Know that it’s not easy. Sometimes one spouse passes away. Then what? Some people marry, others never do. What will you do then? What will you do when you have children and their father is gone, or the mother is gone? What if he loses his job, and you don’t work?

Think about these things. Think about them all. When looking for a spouse, it’s not about what they look like and how hard they can make you laugh. Will they stay? Are they responsible? Think. Because there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. The closest to perfection is a relationship that goes through troubles and trials, and tests the commitment of people. Stop trying to be in a relationship just because everyone around you is in one. Stop settling. Stop selling yourself short. Stop waiting. Stop complaining. Stop making me rant about relationships. Please. Think. It’s not all fun and games. It’s work.

That is all.


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