what are u waiting for?

What are you waiting for, some type of sign? To finally make you go to sleep early in order wake up on time for Fajr, to make you consistent with your prayers and acts of good? To finally make you appreciative of life rather than dragging yourself out of bed because life has gotten way too hard way too quick way too soon?

If you’re waiting for a sign, you’ll be waiting for ever. You are the sign. Your entire existence is a sign; the breathes you take, the beatings of your heart, the fact that you’re struggling to be a better person, these are all signs. You and only you are able to make change happen, as soon as right now. This moment.

Stop looking at dates in your calendar hoping to change then, don’t make this about later when you finally collect enough Iman-pieces to advance yourself to the next level of being worthy enough.

Why do you even accuse yourself of not being worthy enough for God? Go. Be. Struggle. Fall. Cry. Work. It takes so much effort to get to where you want to be, but what will matter in the end, is that you finally stopped waiting for a sign, and made something happen.


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