time management


Hey readers! I know many of you are struggling with balancing their time, and more specific, to balance your time spent on Islam and non-Islamic activities, so InsyaAllah I will share a few words on this matter and try to keep it short.

First of all I am a supporter of the idea that any activity can be Islamic, it just depends on your intention. For instance, many of us will not consider doing grocery shopping, homework, or cooking to be an Islamic activity, but this is not correct.

In essence anything can be a source of reward and investment in your Akhirat. For example, if you go grocery shopping you can make the intention to

  1. buy halal groceries, and
  2. buy healthy food that will help you and your family members gain more energy for their worship.

Just by correcting your intention in a simple way you have made grocery shopping an Islamic action.

Another example, homework. For instance you can intend by doing your homework that you want to become the top student in your class, so you can get a good job after graduating, so that you can earn a lot of halal money and thereby support your family in a halal way and/or support the people around you through giving charity.

Once again you have turned an everyday activity into a Islamic activity just by correcting your intention.

Secondly, you must find a balance in life that works for YOU and YOUR capabilities. Often times we read or hear about great figures and we try to imitate them.

This will not work, you are no Ibn al Qayyim, you are no Abdullah Ibn Mubarak, you are no Sufyan at-Thawri. They were at a completely different degree, and to do the things they did requires a lot of training and dedication.

So therefore look at your own capabilities and be realistic. If you can sleep 6 hours a night, and that is sufficient for you, then Alhamdullilah stick to that. If you can do with less, then stick with that. But if you need 8 or more, then also Alhamdullilah, don’t feel too bad about it.

If you can stay awake after Fajr every day to study, or study every night, then Alhamdullilah, but if you can’t, then do not feel depressed.

Everyone of us is different, so therefore be realistic with yourself and try to do as much as you can, do not overburden yourself. Allaah says:

So keep your duty to Allah and fear Him as much as you can [64:16]

Thirdly, and lastly (I don’t want to make this too long), take sufficient amounts of rest and also set aside some time for enjoyment, your family, and time for yourself.

The goal is to become a balanced person, not an extremist. Family is important, very important, so spend time with them for they have a right over you.

Perhaps you will please your family for 8 hours by bringing them joy with jokes and accompanying them, as a result, Allaah might place great Barakah in the one hour of study you do at night.

On the other hand, you might be studying 8 hours, forgetting about the rights of your family, and Allaah might take away all the Barakah in those 8 hours simply because you have neglected the rights of your family.

So, spend time with your family, your friends, be active in your community, take care of yourself by relaxing, doing sports, meeting with friends and so forth.

But, everything must be done in moderation, so be careful not to relax ”too much”, so that you completely neglect your duties towards Allaah.

Play around with different acts and different schedules and try to find a balance that works for you.

see you in the next post, readers 🙂


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