keep on dreaming!

Sometimes it might seem as if all doors are closed and there is no way out. The weight on my shoulders is increasing and distress enters my heart. I become anxious, concerned, and perhaps even fearful as i think that there is no solution to my problems. But my family always taught me that we must always remind ourselves that no problem is big when Allah is with us. Do not let the syaitan get the better of you by giving in to his whispers and treachery.

It’s important to know and believe that Allah is there to help, and remain a bit more patient. The end result will be good if i put my trust in Allah, maybe I cannot see it yet, but I believe that everything will be all-right.

I know this situation is so hard for me but I’ve gotta be strong. I have to keep working hard for better and brighter future for my family, for my papap, rani, teteh, aa, and for all the people I love. I promise to always use my 100% capacity to make they happy and proud.

Being a ‘piatu’ is not easy. But I believe, Allah will always give the best for me, His plans are better constructed than mine. Keep on dreaming, Arai!!! work hard, pray hard 🙂

Your worries and problems are no match for the Power of Allah. Therefore stop worrying, turn to Him, and ask Him for help, strength, and ease 😀


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