selamat milad papapku sayang

swag daddy lagi hangout fufufu

On this day, 49 years ago, a man who would become the stuff of Fatherhood legend was born. 

Dear papap,

Speaking to you today, as usual, gave me such a sense of joy and peace. Our conversations never have to be long for me to come away feeling better and knowing more. As I wished you a Happy Birthday I couldn’t help but appreciate how very blessed I am to have you as a father. This notion has been confirmed more times than I can count.

As Mamah would often relate to teteh, aa, rani and me, “You couldn’t have a better father…” – I wholeheartedly agree!

I’ve tried throughout the years to express to you just how much you are loved and appreciated. No matter what I say, it never seems to feel as if I’ve said enough.

I am a SUPREME Papap’s Girl! No need to even deny it…I LOVE YOU! You were the prime example of a man who worked all the time and still found time to be there for our family. If we NEEDED it, you got it. When I think of the highs and lows of my life, I am beyond grateful for your guidance.

I know I’ve disappointed you at times and it broke my heart. You’ve never made me feel unloved though. It’s always been my own fear of having our bond broken. The one time I thought that might have happened, you brought tears to my eyes while reassuring me:

“You will ALWAYS have my love and support. Don’t you ever worry about anything else!

– sniff, sniff…

You taught me that LIFE will beat me down sometimes but it’s MY responsibility to get back up. I can still hear your voice,

Ade you gotta learn to live your life right now. You can’t focus on what you can’t change. All we have is this moment and you have to live and let the rest take care of itself…”

You never allowed your children to blame others for our mistakes or failures. We learned that we should be proud of who we are and where we came from. How could we not, considering the example we’ve had!

You provided the model for the men my brother have become and the man I always hoped to marry. You are, and always will be, my hero! They say little girls want to marry men like their fathers. Well, I didn’t get that right the first time around. Even so, you were there with words of encouragement when that marriage dissolved. The second time around has been better than I could have imagined and the fact that you and Mamah get along so great just makes it that much sweeter!

It’s just who you are.

I know that there are other dads in the world who are great, but I think teteh, rani, aa and I really got the best one.  There are so many people who didn’t have fathers, who didn’t or don’t have good relationships with theirs, and I really cannot imagine what that must have been like for them, what that continues to be like.  I just feel so lucky.  When I think about the things that I have done and the person who I am, a person that I am proud to be, I really think that so much of the credit for all of that has to go to you and to Mamah  You guys created such a loving and supportive household, a place I am still so happy to return to.  You guys created an environment where, as long as I was trying and as long as I was kind, you would always be proud.  I know, no matter what I do in life I will always have the two of you in my corner cheering me on when things are great and cheering me up when they aren’t.

I could write about you until my fingers bleed. That’s not a pretty picture so I’ll end this by thanking you for being the driving factor in me learning to love and accept myself. Thank you for being a God-fearing man with unwavering faith and a matter-of-fact demeanor. Thank you for being the reason I know that you can overcome anything if you BELIEVE. Thank you for showing me how to move on. Thank you for being a lesson in forgiveness. Thank you for leading a life worth being admired. Thank you for loving this daddy’s girl.You are the best Papap, and one of the best people, in the entire world.  So happy birthday, Pap.  Here’s to so many more years of laughter.

Happy Birthday to the blessing that is my father.

your ade nisa



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