will you marry me?

He stared at her for a long time and asked her :

Will U marry me??
She was silent for a short period and told him :” Do you know, What does “Will U marry me ?” mean??

It means that you agree to spend the rest of your life with me.
It means that you will never fall in love with anyone else
It means that you will see me everyday before washing my face (However I am already beautiful in anyway)
It means that when I bother you , you will bear me and you will never be able to antagonize with me. 
It means that when ALLAH bless us with children they will look like me, and I will raise them to follow your customs and love U , your family and your country.
It means that if I am sick , you will stay the whole night beside me and spoil me.
It means that you will bear me when I grow old.
It means that you will wake me up for praying and you will be the Imam(My private Imam)
It means that I will get Jannah because you are satisfied with me.

Then she stopped talking and asked: “After all this , Do you still want to marry me??”

He told her:” Tomorrow will never be good without U and I will never love any one else “That’s my promise”. I will love our children because they are part of you. How lucky they will be because you will raise them and how lucky I will be because I will spend my life with you!!!
Now answer me , thou the one who stole my heart :

”Will You Marry Me?!!!”“


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