this world is not my world

If you were going to an airport and you were stuck overnight. And for some reason or another, you missed your flight and you had to stay at the airport. What would you buy? Maybe, you’d buy a toothbrush, a sandwich, a bag of chips. You’d buy small amount of things, just to get by.

Now, imagine in THIS world, we are simply travelers. We came from somewhere and we will return to somewhere. This place is not the final journey, not the final home. For many of us, we get so caught up in it, this life, this “world”. For many of us, we forget that this is just a place without any significance, whatsoever.

Prophet Mohammad SAW described this world as: a traveler stopping for shade under a tree. Just for a second, we’re here. Next thing you know, we’re gone. This is to learn a new way to live your life. With humility, with honor, and with understanding that we are here for this moment, but eventually… we’re going to go. yes dear, we’re going to go.


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