islam is a way of life

When I reflect upon these past few years, the things I used to do, the way I used to act, the people I used to hang out with, I realize that I’ve changed a lot. I always thought that I can correctly judge a situation. I can decide what is “Ok” to be said or done. I can decide whom I want to hang out with. I can pretty much decide everything on my own.

But looking back, I realize that there were times when I really messed things up. It’s ok as long as I learn from my mistakes. But then I thought that I needed some kind of guidance. Things can’t be this random all the time. I know I must be missing something. And then it hit me, I am missing the most important thing. I’m missing a relationship with Allah.

I’ve totally been ignoring the role of religion in my life. Religion for me meant praying, fasting in Ramadan, and occasionally reading Quran without understanding most of it, and I think that’s the case with most of the Muslims today. They set their own standards and they follow them. But the thing that we don’t realize is that our standards get affected by the things and the people around us. Even though we try to set some sort of rules for ourselves, these change too with time.

What is fascinating about Islam is that it gave us guiding lines to everything in life. There’s not a thing or a situation you’ll find yourself in that is not addressed directly or indirectly in the Quran or Sunnah. Whether it’s the way we should dress or talk, or the way we should treat others, or the way we should act during war, whatever comes to your mind, you’ll find it in the Quran and Sunnah.

People spend most of their lives feeling lost, not knowing what this life is about. Some live and die without knowing the answer. Some just live on and try to persuade themselves that there’s no bigger purpose for living, it’s just one life to live and when it’s over it’s over.

We were given everything we need to live a peaceful and a happy life and what do we do with all that? We just live like we don’t have a clue about anything. We throw away all these blessings that we have as Muslims; we pretend that all these guidelines we’re given are not applicable in the situations we face every day even though that’s not true at all.

We have to realize that we’re blessed and we can lead happy lives even extraordinary lives if we hold on tight to the Quran and Sunnah.

Allah says in Surat Taha

“And whoever turns away from My remembrance – indeed, he will have a depressed life, and We will gather him on the Day of Resurrection blind – He will say, “My Lord, why have you raised me blind while I was [once] seeing?” – [Allah] will say, “Thus did Our signs come to you, and you forgot them; and thus will you this Day be forgotten.”

For us to be true Muslims, we must realize and fully understand that Islam is not limited to a certain aspect of our lives, on the contrary Islam is a way of life. It’s part of our daily lives and our decisions.

So starting today promise yourself that you won’t be blind and remember Allah only when you’re praying. Remember him when you’re eating, working and travelling. Remember him in everything you do or say. Hold on tight to the Quran and Sunnah. Make Islam a way of life.


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