we forget

Sometimes I feel bad because I’m beeing on facebook, twitter and blogs and forgeting about God? Do you ever feel that?

I think it happens too often, for one to be consumed by something and forget about Allah for a moment.

In the Arabic language, the word for a human being is Insaan and is derived from the word nasiya which means to forget. So we forget. We forget a lot and for that, we have reminders to remind us about Allah.

I think what we should do, is that the instance we realize we forgot about Allah, we need to remind ourselves of Him. Because to realize that you forget about God and not do anything about it, is truly one of the saddest things ever.

We all feel it. We all occupy ourselves with something so intensely, that for a moment, whether that moment is a split second or a few minutes, we forget about God, about our purpose, about the world, about…everything but what we are consumed with. Because humans forget. We are insaans, forgetful beings. But, the reminders benefit the believers. We need to always remind ourselves, to remind ourselves, to not forget.  And if we forget, to remember and to be reminded.

Yes 🙂


3 thoughts on “we forget

  1. anindhito says:

    suka bagian terakhir tulisannya “We need to always remind ourselves, to remind ourselves, to not forget” bener pisan 🙂

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