I don’t like a man who compliments me.

i don’t like a man who compliments me.I like a modest man.

One who if he’s looking at me, he better make sure I’m not noticing.

He better only sneak a peek at my modesty, my character, my stance, or my walk.

You’re allowed one look, but I don’t even allow myself a look because I can’t trust myself. I can’t trust the fact that my look may lead to another and a third and a fifth and even if not, that one look will be prolonged, not by my sight; but in my heart. I don’t allow myself that one look because the eyes are the key to the soul and baby, you have the key.

Ew, did I just say baby? Gah, I am SO gone ya’ll.

How do I redeem myself? Dang!

So you can look, but look beyond what you see, look further than your eyesight, and hear me when I say:

I do not like a man who compliments me, unless he’s willing to spend the rest of his life with me.

Because if he’s easy to compliment me, I best believe he’s easy to compliment others. & where’s the honour in that?

Hmm. Okay.


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