this is a post about love

Solely inspired by the amount of love on my dash; varying from lovestruck individuals, to those who have lost all hope in love.

What is love?

Answer me this, what is the color of the sky when it’s 5 past noon?

Is it baby blue, is it sky blue, is it cyan blue, is it turquoise, is it light teal, is it blue lagoon, or is it one of the other countless shades of blue that exist?

Ask me and my answer will differ from somebody else. Ask them and their answer will differ from everyone else. It’s all about perception, its’ all about what WE see, and how WE see it. 

‘Love’ can not be defined for the general masses, it can only be specified for the person alone who is experiencing whatever ‘love’ is. 

But however you define ‘love’. Always love for the sake of Allah. That is all. Enjoy your night. 


2 thoughts on “this is a post about love

  1. Imho arai,
    i have ever red about a post from an Islamic blog. It said the word of “love” recited in Al-Quran around 90 times. None of them telling what is exactly the meaning of “love”. But it always recited with commitment. So, when you love you commit.

    Just sharing..
    nice post arai

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