random post

It has been a long night, so I will leave you with my thoughts about some things; with the following scattered messages currently on my mind;

  • Any woman can make ANY man fall in love with her.
  • There’s more to me than you’ll ever know. There’s more to you than I’ll ever know. There’s more to us than we can ever know.
  • When you do something good, challenge yourself and do something better, once you do something better, do something even better than that. Don’t stand still smiling at the good you did. Keep improving.
  • When you are sad, take a shower. Talk to yourself.
  • Renew your intentions for every act. Especially the acts you do consistently. Sometimes we lose sight of the fact that our actions are marvelous…but our intentions are not so…not so shiny.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others, unless it’s to improve yourself. You don’t know what she/he is going through, nor do they know what YOU are going through.
  • Don’t complain to the creations. You are only complaining about the Creator. Who better than the Problem solver, to solve your problems? These people…they have problems themselves.
  • Take long walks alone, and think about where your life is heading. Don’t put the idea off. You are not guaranteed a tomorrow.
  • Forgive 3 people every night before you go to bed. Forgiveness in the sense you have forgiven THEM and you have moved on from the situation.
  • Notice your breaths more. They’ll remind you of your existence, in hopes of reminding you of how insignificantly significant you are.
  • Don’t ask a child ‘why?’, that make them feel guilty. Instead look them in the eye and ask them ‘what happened’ even if you already knew.
  • Smile at others, even if they don’t smile at you. Even if they don’t smile back. They’ll remember your smile before bed.
  • Take 5 seconds before you answer a question. By that time you’ve properly processed the question and you’ll answer accordingly.

Alright, these are random; but they are organized in such a beautiful random way in my mind & heart. May we all awaken in a better state than the one we have awoken in. May tomorrow be a day full of gratitude, patience, strong eman, forgiveness, and may Allah protect us from the torments of the hellfire, maseeha addajal, the punishments of the grave, and the fitnaa of this dunya and the next. Aameen


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