have a lovely day, fellas

I don’t know what time it is on your part of the world, but I hope this still applies.

Whatever has happened yesterday is just that; has happened. Has is past tense, the past is unchangeable. What you CAN do about the past is dwell upon it, gloom about it, be upset as you relive it, cry about it, contemplate about what went wrong and how to fix it. You CAN do that. But then your today would be wasted and tomorrow would come without this day being lived.

Whatever has happened happened for a reason only our Creator understands. What you should do is look at the beauty of today. First of all, you awoke…that itself is the biggest blessing. That means Allah wants to give you another day, another chance, another moment to BE the best you can be. He could have taken your life away, He could have placed you in worse situations, He could have done anything, but He chose to bless you with another day. That must mean something greater than we can ever comprehend.

Make this day the best day you’ve ever had. Every single problem has a solution, and it’s never about arriving to that solution…it’s about how you handle the problem while you seek the solution. Be patient. Be patient. The yesterday can not be fixed, but the today is a renewal, the today is a new chance and a new opportunity. Renew your faith, renew your trust in Allah, renew your perspective on life.

Have a lovely day.


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