As human beings, we LOVE the feeling of being appreciated. No one can deny the pleasure of such a feeling; we were created this way. But have you ever thought of APPRECIATING what Allah gave and is still giving you?

The following is a song for Outlandish called “Appreciating” that simply narrates how we, mere human beings, wrong Allah by forgetting to APPRECIATE:

As I got up this morning

You watched me and hoped I’d talk to You

Even if it was just a few words

Asking your opinion,

Thanking You for something good that happened, Lord

But You noticed I was too busy

Trying to find the right clothes matching with the right shoes and I

Ran around the house getting ready

You knew there would be minutes to stop and say hello

But I still were too busy

And at one point I had to wait doing nothing

Then You saw me spring to my feet

Thought I wanted to talk

But I ran to the phone

Called a friend… Wassup!

Ok now it’s time for us to talk

So I find an empty room but hesitation is in my heart

A look down the hall …nobody there so I close the door

Take off my new jacket? Man I can’t put this on the floor

I’m gonna have this conversation standin’ or my jeans will get dirty

Better yet I’m gonna sit on this chair right here ‘cause I feel a bit lazy

Almost forgot to pull the curtains so no one can look in

And just when I’m about to utter You some words

Someone steps in

Embarrassed by the moment

I jump up and come up with some stupid excuse

Like I was looking for something

All while You were watching me patiently

Ready to give more chances

With the hope

That eventually at some point I will speak to You

You give me so much

You wait all day for a nod

A prayer or a thought

A thankful part of my heart

To all my moros back home

All day workin’ hard

Struggling all week

Every dawn standing tall

I know You noticed that before lunch I looked around

I felt embarrassed to talk to You

That is why I didn’t bow my head

Glanced 3 or 4 tables over, saw some of my friends talking to You

But I did not, there is still more time left

Hope that I will talk to You yet, but I

Went home and seemed as if I had lots of things to do

After that what is on TV

Suddenly I felt too tired to talk to You

Fell asleep in no time without a thought for You

I know it’s hard to have a one sided conversation

Well give me some days to try again and again and again

Appreciatin’ is something I be forgettin’

Every second, 24/7, I’m a forgetful servant, I gotta be prayin’ though

Appreciatin’, when suffering, calamities call,

My soul be hospitalized and all gonna be alright

To all my moros back home

All day workin’ hard

Struggling all week

Every dawn standing tall

To all my moros sheddin’ tears

Still greet with warm smiles

Patiently throughout the years

Give praise to the most high


So, what do you think? Does this resemble you in some way?

If so, then how about some REFLECTION?



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