I should change.” “I need to change,” you think to yourself. & the thoughts only grow bigger and heavier, bigger and heavier. And your heart, as weak as it may be, lifts these thoughts and manifests them into feelings. Strong and intense feelings; “I should change.” “I need to change.” & your soul as frail as it may be, immerses itself with these big and heavy thoughts, with these strong and intense feelings, and strengthens itself, overwhelming you with hues of beautiful intentions. 

“I should change…” “I need to change…”

But the change only comes when these hues of beautiful intentions are intensified with action. Otherwise, such thoughts will become smaller and smaller. Otherwise, such feelings will become weaker and weaker. Otherwise, your soul will become even more frail. Otherwise, the beautiful hues will fade into gloomy shades of grays. Otherwise, change will not come at all.

Change begins with your mind + heart + soul, communicating to improve your entire being. & it ends with you taking action; ensuring that the communication is not just thoughts and feelings, but actions of the limb as well. 


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