It’s for your own good.

Life is a very sneaky companion dearest readers,  I continue to learn more and more lessons. 

My life, like many others prolly, has been one of constant struggle. There are always the good times, but they have been equally met by moments of distress and discontent. Fighting to achieve my dreams and go against the odds has forced me to do things others consider utterly stupid….but I’ve kept in there and here I am: a 22 year old with a solved rubix cube on her desk.

This post touches something I constantly forget, and so this is a reminder to myself than it is to my readers. Whatever Allah SWT decreed for you, no matter what it is, is the best for you. Humans find it impossible to swallow the fact that all the “bad” that happened in their lives is for their good – for the human brain’s complexity is nothing to take in such a fact. It’s difficult to get yourself to believe such a thing….but there’s something I heard before that has been stuck in my head since:

“You trust the creation and do not trust the Creator?”

When something bad happens in your life – and bad here can mean anything from getting a cut on your arm to smoking cigarettes – it is crucial for you to remember that Allah SWT did it for your own good. Such is not a heed to do bad, for some will take this message and start saying that

“Allah SWT decreed the best for me”

before putting a cigarette in his mouth. NO. Allah SWT has given you a brain to make right decisions, but He knows the decision you will make. However, if you look back at your life right now, just taking random screenshots throughout time, you’ll find that after all the bad that happened, things turned out pretty darn cool. You learned a lesson, put in extra effort or just gained an immense amount of experience by going through it.

We all have those “bad” times in life but when I read something like

“If Allah SWT reveals what he decreed for his slave, the heart of the slave would melt from the love of Allah”

(I can’t remember who said it)

I am forced to remember all the bad times and the positive outcomes that came out of them, and say…”Alhamdullilah”. Even if you can’t think of a positive outcome, an incident might have been the reason you enter paradise on the Day of Judgement is.

Be good. And think positive. Always helps


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