an answer for you, my beloved friend

my friend asked, “if Allah Almighty has the ability to change lives, then why doesn’t He return me my dad back?

my heart hurts when she said that. my mom has gone away too. and she never knew about that.

I want to reply without hurting her feelings or shutting her down. so, this is my answer to her:

I would first give her the logical answer that no one, in the history of mankind, has come back to life from the dead. Death is inevitable, and one day, you too will die. Allah SWT Himself tells us in the Qur’an that every soul shall taste death. Knowing, however, that this life is temporary and that the life to come is eternal should bring comfort to your soul. Why? Because, you’ll be re-united with your father in (insha Allaah) Jannatul Firdaus. The Prophet told us that ‘[we] will be with those whom we love’, so dear friend please remember that today’s sorrow will be tomorrow’s joy, insha Allah.

Understanding and coming to terms with the fact that your father will not return to you in this life is key. So does that mean that there is nothing you can do for him any more? Of course not! Our beloved Prophet SAW told us that a person, once they die, stops earning (good) deeds except from 3 sources – and one of those sources is a righteous child that makes dua for their parents! So, dear friend, make abundant dua for your father, as inshaa Allah it’ll reach him, and have a beautiful patience. Put your trust in Allah (SWT) that He will reward you for the emotional hardships you are facing now, because as Allah (SWT) says in the Qur’an that verily with hardship is there ease.

(and now, i write this note with tears in my eyes)
i miss you, mom

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