stay thankful

so i’m writing this practice college essay (more like supposed to be writing, but i’m lazy and just using on from before go pracrastination!) anyways, i wrote my essay about how my mom was my role model/influence in life (cliche…but keep reading) it’s true how much our parents help shape our future.

from the moment we’re born, they’re right there loving us just for being us. they are the first to understand how unique each and every one of us is, and they still have an unconditional love for us. from then on, they are continually teaching us new things like walking and talking so we can grow up in life. they want us to be the best we can be. yeah, they might not help us out in some situations, but thats only to teach us more lessons.

i think some kids (even me) tend to lose sight of what our parents really do to for us. and yes, every teenager rolls there eyes at that phrase. but honestly…think about how true it is. who was there when you had your first fall? when you had to get stitches, who stood there holding your hand? when you were having problems with school, who told you it all be okay? your first fight with your bestfriend, your first break-up.

who was there for you when everyone else walked away?

they have given their lives to us, so we can grow up into the successful people they always believed we could be. when we have kids, we can be the great parents ours were. yes, we all believe that our parents have no ide what they are talking about, they’re just ruining our lifes, blah, blah, blah. they have IN FACT beem kids too. i kno, crazy. they do everything they do for a reason (and no, not to make us hate them) they only want to protect us from any harm. always have and always will.

crazy thoughts, huh? i dont know what im thinking anymore

stay thankful 😀


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