prayer trouble

I wanted to relay an important message to you regarding focus in Sholat.

This is an important topic that is extremely relevant especially in the present time. We live in a society of instant gratification, and that opens the doors for us to become more available to other people, and trying to meet their demands, such as demands at work, or friends that wish to speak to you or spend time with you, or maybe even family. Instead of giving us more time, technology actually takes time away from us, and we have all those thoughts running through our mind before, during and after our prayer.

What is the solution to this?

Firstly, Allah has given us five prayers throughout the day. You can consider these to be breaks from our daily lives, and all the misery we go through in it. Allah has blessed us with the opportunity to completely stop thinking about everything we hate about our lives, and focus on him. Don’t people go out and drink alcohol, and abuse drugs to forget their problems? We, as Muslims, don’t need that. We can just focus on our provider, Allah, who loves us, and no matter how much we feel, we cannot return that type of love. Step one is to only realize these matters.

Secondly, because we face problems, and desires in this world, we tend to work towards, and focus our mind on them because we do not feel that we get enough help. Why do we go to people for help? Why do we not ask Allah? This is the focus I want to bring up.

Always have something to ask for when you pray. A friend once relayed to me: Allah wants you to pray to him, and ask Him for more! And he loves that! A lot of religion asks that the creation give to the Creator, give time, effort, etc. Allah is self-sustaining! He does not need us! Allah instead tells us to give time to him for a better purpose! That purpose is for our own self-betterment!

This is our human nature: to want more. Unfortunately, this nature shuts off when praying, and instead, we don’t realize that we are in a place where we can ask for anything we want from Allah. This does not mean we ask for worldly things incessantly. Ask for something nice, and we all know what I’m talking about. I speak of guidance, Allah’s mercy, expiation of sins, ease for us, our parents, the Muslims, etc.

So why not exercise that with the One who will actually give us what is good for us? I used to make the mistake of not asking because I did not really feel the need to ask. That was my subconscious pride working against me. May Allah forgive me for that.

So remember to always ask for something. We may not realize it, but we ask for something every time we recite Al Fatihah, correct? We ask Allah to guide us on the straight path.

InshaAllah, our prayers are at best when we prey with a motive and ask for something. If any one of you are having trouble, it may work. If not, then tailor something that works for you and do not hesitate to share it with your fellow brothers and sisters, because they may need it more than you.

May Allah guide us on the straight path. Aamiin! 🙂


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