thank you

Thank you for being my past. You aren’t a mistake, you’re just a lesson. It’s not that you’re bad but that I deserve better 🙂

Because of you, I’ve learned a lot more about myself, it’s all love.. no hard feelings

Thank you because now, I’m stronger, I’m wiser, I am better soo much better!

Because of you, I won’t be to quick to get into a relationship.

Because of you, I learned the importance of being emotionally independent early on in life.

Because of you, I realized that sometimes we love the wrong person, sharing our heart with someone who never deserved it.

You were the one that made me stronger, with every cruel intention, you help me find my Independence. i’m thanking you.

 And a bunch of thank you For having the greatest impact on my life, and for accepting me for who I am.


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